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Why make your

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Four Week Wine

These kits offer a variety of grades and price points that vary in kit size from six  to ten litres of concentrate, sugar and juice combinations.  They are lighter in body than our premium kits and need very little time age to mature - making them ideal to serve for a not too distant event or occasion.

Heritage Estates  6.3 litre concentrate and sugar blend, suggested aging one month

Grand Cru 10 litre juice, concentrate and sugar blend, suggested aging one to two months


Orchard Breezin Mist Fruit Flavoured Wines are lower alcohol varietal wines with fresh fruit flavours, sweeter than table wines - but not as sweet as coolers.  Serve in a tall glass over ice lemon wedge or mint.  No aging required. These are a summer time sensation. 


Five Week Wine

Grand Cru International Collection is a 12 litre kit (juice, concentrate and sugar blend) that was the first five week kit on the market to introduce dried grape skins to the ferment.  Increasing the kit size along with adding grape skins was a hugely popular resulting in more body, aroma and mouth feel in the finished wine.  This product line is one of our fastest growing due to price point and quality.  Suggested aging two to four months.


Six Week Wine 

 Cru Select  Premium Collection  is a 16 litre varietal grape juice and concentrate blend with NO ADDED SUGAR.  This results in increased aroma, body and profile  of some of the world’s favourite wine regions including Chile, Italy, France, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and the Okanagan.  These kits can be enjoyed young, or if allowed to age their character will develop significantly.  Cru Select also offers a limited selection of premium upgrades that include grape skins.  Suggested aging four to six months.



Cru Select Restricted Quantities (RQ) are released each winter and showcase exciting wines sourced from some of the premium wine growing regions around the world.  From December to April one of these wines is launched each month on a limited release basis.  Suggested aging four to six months.  Watch this site for more information.

Eight Week Wine

En Primeur Winery Series is an 18 litre varietal grape juice and concentrate blend kit with GenuWine grape skins  added to the blend.  There is NO ADDED SUGAR.  RJ Spagnols searches the world’s leading vineyards for the finest juice to produce these wines.  Because of the very highest standard in juice selection these kits are arguably the optimum kits available on the market. These kits qualify as  region specific wines as at least 85% of the juice within the kit comes from a labelled wine area. Suggested aging four to nine months.


Specialty Wine Port   A variety of dessert wine kits are available  Cru Select series.  These kits produce 12 litres of wine.  Each autumn there are limited releases of seasonal specialty kits that are growing each year in popularity. These  include Port style Vanilla Fig, Black Forrest (chocolate cherry), Coffee, Toasted Caramel, Raspberry Mocha as well as standard  port and ice wines in Vidal, Riesling and Cabernet Franc.




Bring your own fruit

Produce wine from your own fruit. You will need to harvest 30 pounds of clean de-stemmed fruit to yield 23 litres of wine. As an option fruit may be blended with a kit of your choice for added body and character.  Be advised that the quality of wine being bottled is directly linked to the quality of fruit used to ferment it.  Please call two to three days ahead to arrange an appointment for starting wine with your own fruit.  Wine is usually ready to bottle after eight weeks.  Suggested aging six to twelve months.

Sparkling Wine

We can add sparkling effervescence to the wine of your choice for a sparkling, champagne style of wine.  Perfect for a wedding, anniversary, or special occasion!


Make 23 litres of thirst quenching, effervescent cider or cooler.

Our signature coolers are our own recipe made from 50 % wine and 50% natural cocktail juice.  Available flavours are Cranberry Spritzer and Pink Grapefruit.   They are a 23 litre kit ready to enjoy in only four weeks.

Sparkling Wine

We can add sparkling effervescence to the wine of your choice for a sparkling, champagne style of wine.  Perfect for a wedding, anniversary, or special occasion!



Care and attention are the principles of our beer.  For this reason we don't attempt to produce dozens of varieties.  We offer a range of distinct, unique and exceptional beers.  Our all grain brewing uses pasteurized wort with no malt extract. Our exclusive recipes are available only at Hopfingers and require three weeks to produce.. We produce 48 litre (12 dozen bottles) or 24 litre (six dozen bottles) batches of beer.  Our kegs are CO2 charged making them sediment free.  As an alternative to bottling we also offer a unit for packaging in cans if preferred.  Your beer is ready to drink immediately after bottling or canning.

Brew Styles

Saltspring Island Lager  Canadian style lager, golden in colour with medium hop count for a clean finish.

Pender Island Pilsner  golden in colour with a hoppy finish for a clean, bitter, refreshing brew.

Hopfingers Pale Ale  copper coloured, medium hopped, fuller bodied ale with caramel finish and sweet maltiness.

Quadra Island IPA  copper coloured and full bodied, with hoppy aroma and bitterness.

Denman Island Dark Ale  medium bodied, dark colour and nutty finish with medium hoppiness.

Reid Island Red Ale – Sottish character with rich maltiness and easy on the hops.



Brewhouse Beer Kits  for those who prefer to make their beer at home, we stock the Brewhouse series of beer kits.  These 15 litre all grain kits allow the home brewer to produce beer using all grain pasteurized wort as opposed to traditional malt extract.  The results are a superior, handcrafted microbrew taste without the time and energy required to produce fresh wort.

Supplies  are available for all your home fermenting needs, including a wide selection of kits, bottles, additives, labels, shrinks ,corks, equipment and of course advice.

Gift Certificates  may be purchased in any denomination for the gift that suits.

Daily rentals  of filters and corkers are available.