About Hopfingers

About Hopfingers U-Brew & Winemaking

Hopfingers U-Brew & Winemaking was established in 1993 and has been producing fine wines and ales since then with a business philosophy that an on premise brewing centre can only remain successful by offering its customers an experience combining quality, service, selection and value.


Why Hopfingers U-Brew & Winemaking?

Experience Since 1993 Phil has proudly offered Vancouver Island’s only full service ferment on premise operation - including all grain brewing, barrel aging and fruit wine production.


Quality We offer a full range of award winning products including juices from many of the top wine regions in the world.  Each winter we launch our Cru Select RQ program


Service and Technology We offer an extensive range of modern, efficient equipment to make your bottling experience at Hopfingers U-Brew & Winemaking easy, fast and interesting.  We have available a 50 unit bottle washer, pneumatic corkers, a four head vacuum wine bottler and a canning machine for our customer’s use.  Ensuring your product is completely free of air is important in preserving the intense flavours.  We also offer 6 month barrel aging to allow additional time in house to mature your wine.


Value Our wines vary in price from $3 per bottle for our budget kits to $7 per bottle for premium regional wines.  There are many grades and prices in between to suit everyone’s budget.


Craft with Confidence!

At the 2010 Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition RJ Spagnols won 415 medals - more than any other wine kit manufacturer!  We take great pride in the quality of wine produced by our kits.  That’s why Hopfingers U-Brew & Winery uses only RJ Spagnols kits.  For four years in a row, RJ Spagnols wine kits have been awarded the most medals of any manufacturer at the Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition (largest amateur wine competition in the world). It speaks volumes about the quality of RJ Spagnols wine kits to be selected as best wines from over 4,500 entrants.


With any wine kit we make, you can be confident that you will be proud of the wine you serve to your family and friends.  We guarantee it - or we’ll replace it.